Date posted 09 November 2014

Your business card tells a lot about both you as well as your business. Therefore, you need to put careful thought into designing one that represents as much your personality as that of your business. The truth is that there are so many business card designers out there who can offer free business card design but that does not always mean it's the best option. There are numerous benefits of using a paid card builder over a free business card builder.

A positive first impression

One of the biggest problems most small business owners have today is that they do not understand how important your business card can be. The look and branding of the card is the firm's first impression. When choosing a business card builder, free services may save you plenty of costs but you may end up losing more goodwill and revenue than it would have cost to hire a paid professional. Going that extra mile to get a professional designer will create a difference and your business's first impression will be more positive.

Compatibility with the latest trends

There are high chances that a free card design company has little resources to incorporate new and upcoming technology standards for business cards. It goes without saying that mobile is growing by the day and you want solutions that can integrate mobile use on your business card. By hiring a paid professional, sophisticated bar codes that can be easily scanned on smartphones can be used to make your card future proof.

Better designs

A great disadvantage of working with free card builders is that most of them use pre-made templates. These have two major flaws: they often result in basic and boring designs not to mention anyone can use the same design as one you did. If you want prospective as well as existing clients to be excited by your card design, it needs to show professionalism and creativity.

When you hire a paid designer with skills, you can expect originality and clear designs that are built with your goals in mind. If you don't think design matters, take an example of renowned companies. Each of them makes the design of their products a focal point in their marketing campaigns.

It will make you more money

In addition to the incorporation of bar codes and technological advancements, hiring a paid card builder will save you time and make you more money.  Paid card designers are more likely to be experienced and knowledgeable about their fields as compared to free builders. A paid professional can offer top class service and turn your ideas into reality within a short time. The end result is more clients and increased returns.

It is advisable to consider your business card design the same way you look at other business tasks done by professionals in the company. Most people look for the best designers for good reason. Paid professionals have the tools, training and experience to do the job well, on time and at a fair price.