Date posted 09 November 2014

Having professional business cards to hand out to potential clients is a necessity. It's how the word gets around of who you are and what you do.

Choosing Quality

A well-designed card on sturdy stock gives an impression of success and assured quality that people are comforted by when choosing a builder or tradesman.

Though it may be tempting to use cheap paper and a home printer to create a card, put yourself in the shoes of your chosen clientele. Would you have faith in a business that cuts such a simple corner? Of course not.  

Use a standard size card, so that it fits in wallets. Postcards, fliers and other products have their place at the table, but a business card needs to fit in the hand, pocket, wallet or purse.

How to Choose the Right Card

Designing a quality card that reflects your profession doesn't have to be intimidating. There are business card builder websites to help you choose style, paper quality, image, text and colour. Just upload your company logo, choose your text style, add the required information like business name, contact details, website and even social media handles, and you're ready to order!

If you don't have a logo for your company, there are plenty of builders business cards designs to choose from. Houses, ladders, hard hats, steel beams... Builders and others in the construction trade have limitless possibilities for their cards. Just type "construction" or "builder" into the image finder, and narrow it down from the thousands of choices.

If you are a roof-to-foundation home builder, then the image of a house is where you want to start. Consider other possibilities like a home being safely cradled in a hand to show that you will protect your clients and their families, and treat them like your own.

Other builders business cards designs can be fine-tuned to your specialty. If it is skyscrapers instead of homes, then show the dizzying towers or the hanging beams on cranes that people associate with large-scale building projects.

An online business card builder has plenty of imagery to inspire you, so take your time. Play with the combinations - it's so easy to change a font style or colour, swap one image for another, and save combinations that you like to compare to each other.

Text Tips

When choosing font colours and styles, less is more. Contact information needs to be clear and concise. If you want additional text like a mission statement or a quote, order a two-sided card and put that on the reverse.

Use a light coloured background with dark text, to make it easy to read. An all-over image may leave your text lost or difficult to read. A simple sidebar logo makes it much easier to read the all-important phone number or web address.