Date posted 26 February 2015

Not everyone throws out the small card a sales person gives him at a convention. Many people keep these cards because they are conveniently small, sometimes attractive, and easy to carry around and refer to. A business card is a thoughtful piece of advertising one can refer to without Wi-Fi and contains all the pertinent information a consumer might need.

Business Card Holders for the Organized Consumer

Cards can pile up, especially for people who outsource a lot of jobs to off-site contractors. Although an electronic database shows an associate's details on a computer or iPod, another way to organize their details is by using a business card holder. Wallets, boxes, displays, and folders also help the sales person keep his cards clean and tidy before handing them out.

Business Card Boxes

Little boxes are excellent for storage. They are available in numerous colours and store several hundred cards at one time. Consumers can take away a handful for each presentation and, at a glance, see when they need to re-stock. The hard exterior protects the cards inside, is easy to clean, and creates a professional impression.


When you collect business cards and want them all in one place, use a card folder to store them for easy access. These are great for the glove box or the office. Inside the folder or album, each small piece of stiff card remains protected from the elements and the cover adds another layer of protection. Wipe dirt or dust off the outside and cards stay intact on the inside. One great advantage of a folder with see-through windows is that you might not need to take the card out to see pertinent information.

Business Card Displays

If you are presenting a number of cards to people who visit your office or hotel, then consider keeping them in a display. One type, a Vegas-style display case, divides cards into alphabetical sections. Not only do the cards remain tidy, but one will easily find the information he is interested in according to the name of a business if he knows it. For the secretary or other professional who receives and refers to calling cards regularly, the same is true: they find what they are looking for quickly at the desk or on the road.

Business Card Wallets

As with the wallet you carry your money in, these wallets are conveniently small. Tuck a small number of your company's cards inside this wallet to hand out to a few people at a time. Keep associates' cards behind protective plastic windows or inside pockets.  

Standard Cards

For these types of card holders to be really useful, consumers should order standard-sized cards. It is tempting to be different and change the size or shape to be memorable, but this means a card is harder to file away in one of the above media. Any time cards can be organized in a holder of some kind, users look more professional and thoughtful, making a better first impression than if they took a pile of cards out of their pockets.