Date posted 19 November 2014

Some cheap or free on-line business card printers do however offer American sizes as standard even here in the UK so buyers need to be careful when selecting the right on-line printer so that they get the cards that suit their environment they are conducting business in.

Imagine your trying to convince a customer that you can supply them with a good quality service and then hand over your business card that has been printed either for free or very cheap in the wrong format. It can only give off the wrong impression and could end up costing more than going to a reputable printer in the first place.

Country/Standard Dimensions [mm]
ISO 216, A8 sized 74 x 52
Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovenia 85 x 55
ISO/IEC 7810 ID-1, credit card sized 85.60 x; 53.98
Australia, Denmark, New Zealand, Norway, Taiwan, Sweden, Vietnam, India, Colombia 90 x 55
Japan 91 x 55
Hong Kong, China, Singapore 90 x 54
Canada, United States 88.9 x 50.8
Iran 85 x 48
Sri Lanka, Argentina, Brazil, Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Latvia, Mexico and South Africa 90 x 50

"You only get one chance to impress so don't blow it " All the above sizes are finished sizes and when designing business cards you will need to add bleed. For the United Kingdom it is common to design your card at 90mm x 60mm with the view of it being trimmed back to 85mm x 55mm. This allows full edge to edge printing to ensure your colour or background covers all the card up to the edge of the 85mm x 55mm.

It is important to not put text near the edge of the finished card size as this is in danger of being trimmed as well as being cosmetically odd. Business card sizes are the UK standard of 85mm x 55mm with a design size of 90mm x 60mm