Date posted 22 April 2015

business men shaking hands

Giving it some thought, one could come to the conclusion that the first time interaction in the business world is a bit like that in the world of dating: most of the time you want the other side to remember you. By giving out your business card, you try to leave a lasting impression on the person receiving it. No sane person in the professional world would agree on having a business card any short of impressive, regardless of style. You will not do much for yourself if your potential client leaves the conference hall with one of your cards on him; looks at it; only to notice the inappropriate font, the letters too small or too large, the offset print, grammatical errors...

That little rectangular piece of paper is going to show your business counterpart your professionalism, dedication, as well as the fact that you are a person of substance who doesn't take his work lightly. Just like you'd invest time and thought and energy into your attire, your looks, the way you act and handle situations at work, your professional signature - the card - should not be neglected.

The person you give your business card to will take it, thank you, then put it in his pocket. Then he or she shall go away, putting your card into their pockets. The person will then go home and spend the entire day without thinking of you. All of a sudden, at midnight, whilst cleaning out or searching his pockets, the person will stumble upon your card once more. The reaction one anticipates, is that your business card produces no ill effect on the mood and behaviour of the person in question. While doing good work and conducting yourself in a satisfactory manner will certainly aid the entire process, your business card should not prove a sore sight for sore eyes! On the contrary, let it shine with the best of the best you've got.