Date posted 21 March 2015


One tricky part of designing a business card or leaflet is deciding on what colour scheme to use. Maybe you've decided on one colour or maybe you want to add a flash of extra colour but what complements it ?  

If your business has a colour scheme you will want to use that in your design but there maybe some other colours you can add to bring your design to life. Getting creative with colour can lift your design from something quite boring to something that stands out from the crowd.



online colour tool


The Paletton tool is one online tool many designers use to help find great complimentary colours and create new colour scheme for any project. You dont need to download any software, just simply goto the website and start creating your new colour palette. 

This tool supports Monochromatic (1-colour), Adjacent colours (3 colours), Triad (3 colours) and Tetrad (4 colours)

All colours are shown with their hex value so can be easily used in programs such as photoshop. Although hex values are RGB (red green blue) which is not how your prints are printed it is however how your computer displays colour so a perfect tool for when your feeling creative.

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One of the other options is a offering from adobe (the makers of photoshop

Adobe colour wheel

A little more complex to use but equally as good and of course FREE so thats a bonus. Features offer Analogous, Monochromatic, Triad, Complementary, Compound, Shades, and a custom option so plenty of choice to find a scheme to suit everyone.

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