Date posted 26 February 2015

The modern businessperson needs inspirational marketing ideas, gone are the days when your brand could sell itself.  There are hundreds of great ideas to market small businesses, but many tried and tested marketing strategies are still considered best.  How do you define marketing in a handful of words?  Marketing is a way of putting customers in touch with products and services. So, let's talk about popular marketing tools.

well-designed card is often the most effective marketing tool. Look online and you will find thousands of cheap calling cards and other marketing materials. Advertising banners, magnetic visiting cards, printed stationery, leaflets, flyer's and calendars are all great ways to create brand awareness, but there is every chance you are working to a tight marketing budget. So, how do you make the most of a small marketing budget? You look for free marketing ideas.

Find The Right Business

Locate a site that offers inexpensive cards for business and check if the printers offer a free business card delivery service. In reality, the humble calling card is a powerful marketing tool. In terms of promotional marketing products, a unique card containing your business details is the ideal way to promote your brand. Many large printing firms advertise complimentary calling cards, however, in reality; they simply give you the opportunity to print your cards free. The marketing industry is thriving and those who provide businesses with free cards get to promote their business for nothing. So, how does this work?

What Information is Needed?

Suppliers of promotional materials offer basic cards for free and they will often deliver the cards free too. The smart cards hold all of the relevant information; therefore they are valuable promotional tools. However, turn the basic card over and you will see the printing company's logo. So, in effect, the cards that have been printed and delivered free of charge are promoting not one, but two businesses. Those who want double-sided visiting cards that aren't marked with the printing company's advertisement must order premium cards. And guess what? Professional, luxury and custom cards are costly.

The Benefits

Ultimately, the freebie business card is merely a sprat to catch a mackerel.  Thousands of people search for online printing firms, who will create and deliver their cards without charge, but many end-up buying add-on items or premium cards. So, their free lunch turns into a full blown banquet and their advertising budget is trebled. But, consider the flip side of the coin.....

For example, if you own a company that prints and sells promotional materials. Every card, banner, mug, key fob and card is branded with your logo. As a savvy businessperson you decide to offer free cards to potential clients. You also offer free delivery on the the smaller items, such as the business cards. This is a clever marketing ploy; you have just enrolled your very own marketing team. The clients are happy to distribute the business cards that cost them nothing; however, every time they hand over a card they are taking part in a dual marketing campaign.