Date posted 26 February 2015

Your business card can be the key to your success. It is incredibly useful in making connections and helping people remember exactly who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. It's almost a cliche in the business world to say that who you know is going to end up being more important than anything else, but it's also very true. Those connections can make or break your career. If your business card is going to help you make those connections, it needs to be the best one possible. How should you go about making it?

Online Software

One of the most popular ways to make business cards in the modern era is to find free online business card design software. Sometimes, you can use the software to upload anything that you want, putting your own ideas down on paper, and then you can order the cards when you're happy with them. This requires a lot of work on your end, though, so most software programs come with templates. They tell you right where to put the pictures, text, phone numbers and other information. You just find a template that you like, plug in the information and get a card that looks professional and sharp.

The Downside

There is a big downside to online software, though, which is that it can be complex and confusing. The problem is that the software has to be created so that anyone can use it, no matter what they want or how much computer experience they have. This is not that easy to do, so it can be hard to create templates that are going to click with people. You may also get bogged down in figuring out how to use the software, and the whole thing can become a huge hassle.

One potential solution to this is to work with a professional designer. You just bring them the photos that you want, the information that has to go on the card, and a rough idea. They can then mock up a card quickly and show you what it would look like. This takes all of the work out of your hands. Even if you don't have time to come up with any ideas on your own, the designer can build the card from scratch, as long as he or she knows all of the necessary information about you and your business. This is fast, easy and often gives you results that surpass what you could get with the free software. 

The Need for High Quality

No matter which route you take, remember that the quality of the cards needs to be very high. If they look cheap or amateurish, people are going to assume that your company also provides low-quality goods or services. They don't know anything about you, so this isn't a fair judgement to make, but that's how it works. To create strong and lasting connections, you need a business card that always puts your best foot forward.