Date posted 23 December 2014

Does the humble business card still have its uses in the modern world? Yes, business cards are still relevant and there are various reasons why the free business card remains in demand.  So, what information is printed on the small card to make it so valuable? Glance at the card and you see the company's name, contact details and the nature of their business, hence the card has automatically become a powerful marketing tool. If you were to try and create your business cards for free how would you go about creating the perfect business card?

Effective cards used for business purposes should present your company in a professional manner. In general, well-designed business calling cards convey the company image. For instance, if you run a business consultancy service your card should look professional. However, if you sell children's toys, the card should be bright and colourful in keeping with your business.

Make Your Own Business Card?

Naturally, as business card providers we say it's unwise to design and print free business cards. However, many cash-strapped businesses have no alternative. Here are some tips from us to help you design yours:

  • Use the company logo on the card
  • Design a simple business card - using language that is easy-to-understand
  • The card should contain your name, the company name and address and telephone number. The ideal free business card should offer a fax number and an email address too
  • Create eye-catching business cards that are easy to read
  • Use a maximum of three colours and choose a font that is easy to read

If you are struggling to design an eye-catching card you can create a customised business card using a blank card template.  It is easy to locate free templates for business cards, but if you really want the professional look paid for templates are the way to go.

A business card is a smart way to promote your company. A well-organised business card is a personal form of marketing that can help to build your brand. A professional business card enhances your credibility and creates a solid first impression. But what is the business cards biggest advantage?

Many marketing materials are costly to produce, but the average company can have business cards printed for very little. A creative business card is a superb promotional tool and many of the multi-purpose business cards stand out in the crowd.

Look at the images for business card samples and you see the double-sided business card allows you to show twice the amount of information on the one card. It is not difficult to design your own business card; in fact, numerous printing companies are offering free business card samples. Business cards can have a lasting impression. If you are trying to brand your business on a shoestring budget you should at least consider spending a little on your business cards as opposed to going for the free option.