Date posted 10 March 2015

When getting into any business of whatever size, the adage remains the same: it pays to advertise. It does not matter if you are making money through selling software like Bill Gates or if you started scaling the billion dollar heights by peddling beauty products off the streets of Paris like Liliane Bettencourt. The truth still remains the same. Whilst preferences differ, premium business cards have become the talk of town as many business owners are choosing to market themselves the conventional way, albeit with a tad of elegance. As business owners we find ourselves in a highly competitive business environment that requires tenacity, fluidity and innovation, and what better way to set yourself miles from the pack by using high quality business cards.

Where To Begin

The creative process all begins with you. It makes little or no sense for an advertising firm to run wild on waves of inspiration with no fixed intent. It is for this reason that there is a plethora of styles, formats, templates, colours and designs to choose from that help you decide on which overall design bests reflects what your business is all about. For example, landscaping businesses should go for green color schemes, emergency services should opt for red and water purification firms must in all fairness for blue. Any business that aspires to prosper must have an identity that speaks for it in the absence of its representatives, an image that transcends generations and has the same impact as when it started. So with variety you can free your arms 'so to speak' and have the firm customize a brand name that portrays you in a powerful light.


There is no substitute for quality. Advancements in printing technology have forced businesses to try harder in order to beat the competition and when you really think about it there is denying the fact that gloss has literally changed the face of advertising. And it is not just gloss. There are different kinds of extraordinary finishes like matte and plastic that make you look good even if you are not half as good as the cards make you seem. In addition to these remarkable finishes there is also high resolution design to give your cards a well-polished feel and pricey appearance.

Durable cards of the finest quality are a must have if you are considering long term brand loyalty and confidence. The last thing you need is to see your card in a trash can somewhere or to step on it on the pavement outside your store. The whole point is to have a quality product that has value to the prospective customer, a card that is packed away nicely in a drawer for future reference. Otherwise if it is of poor fading quality it will be soon forgotten, and as for you money, it would have been flushed down the drain of businesses that failed to make it.

Go for quality and you will soon realize what they mean when they say that advertising pays. It is either that or going back to the day job that you left in a valiant attempt to prove that there is substance and promise in your dreams.