Date posted 22 May 2015

Portrait of Steve Jobs

3 of the late Steve Jobs business cards have been sold at auction this week for a staggering $10,050 (£6,398.65)or $3,350 (£2,143.55)each to Tim Knowles, the CEO of start up company, Stacks who is launching a mobile digital business card sharing app later this year. The 3 cards where from a child's collection who parents provided catering services for Apple. The dates of the cards span from 1984 to 1990 and cover NeXT, Apple and Pixar.

The auction was part of a annual fundraising event for the Martin School in North California and attracted 47 bids. 

Knowles said the cards will go on display to inspire the workforce of the new app who personally purchased the cards, It may sound like a lot of money to spend on just 3 business cards but the press it has given his new startup company could yet prove quite a clever form of marketing.

Collecting business cards has become quite a interesting hobby for many people around the world, the trick is to gather cards of people who are not yet famous. The art is however spotting the next Steve Jobs, not a easy job in itself though. 


Steve Jobs business cards