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The complete set of Mick Crawfords British Indian Restaurant.

Mick Crawford was born in 1962 to Royal Navy parents stationed in Malta. As a youngster he'd never experienced Asian cooking, but after joining the Merchant Navy at sixteen his eyes were well and truly opened; his extensive travelling meant sampling and enjoying curries from many parts of the world including Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa.

Whilst Mick appreciates and enjoys authentic home-style recipes, nothing compared to the restaurant food he would enjoy when he was home on leave - a passion that he's maintained since those early days. The love of this food led him to get behind the scenes of restaurant cookery to research and learn the techniques and ingredients which make this food so special to us all.

Mick is acknowledged as one of the leading proponents of restaurant-style cooking in the home. He also writes for the Indian food magazine `Chaat' and is a regular contributor to British Restaurant Cookery forums.

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