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This is a book that was always going to happen, ever since Simon did an evening course whilst at Art College on Cordon Bleu cookery - he was hooked. He said “that as a writer of children’s books it was nice to just move away and work on something with a more adult edge whilst still maintaining a sense of humour.”

When our author was much younger Fanny & Johnny Craddock were the top dogs of television cookery programmes. With names like that and a wicked sense of humour he was always going to go down the slightly risqué route hence our two main characters.

This book is meant to be amusing, different, helpful and a bit off the wall. All recipes are tried and tested and quite a number use left overs or commercial products. Quite a number are completely new, in as much as Simon invented them, but friends and family have given them the thumbs up.

So please enjoy this homage to Fanny & Johnny and remember the main ingredient is “smiling.”


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