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 3 in 1 Great!

Once again we strive to give you good value for money, so we have bought another 3 A5 books together and moved to an A4 format. This reduces the cost from £12 to just £9.99 including p&p. Your 3 stories are all completely different and offer fun, friendship, colour and information.

Book 1 – Mr Nibble

This is the story of an older man who owns a little café and becomes ill. He didn’t realize how much his customers cared for him until they gather round to help him. The original story was penned by Claire Faulconbridge (Miranda Pollard in Crossroads)

Book 2 – Powerful Pierre paints Special Places in the World

Right, here we have a little hedgehog who goes all over the world painting special things like the Eiffel Tower in Paris and he gives lots of interesting information about each place he visits.

Book 3 – Oddburt and Zoop Go Space Spying

OK, here we have two crazy aliens who use the alphabet to take you through space. This is basically pictures all the way through with lots of silliness and colour.

All books are Full Colour A4 Digitally Printed and there are 60 pages all together. Parts of each book will appeal to children of different ages ranging from 4/5 – 9/10.

As with all our books we make a donation from every sale to “Acorns Children’s Hospice”.


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