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Sloppy The Sausage


Four “Sloppy the Sausage” Adventures “Back 2 Back”

The three original “Sloppy” books were in A5 Landscape format and worked out at £3.99 each.

We decided to change the format to A4 which gives you all the adventures including a brand new one for just £9.99 including p&p, which works out at just £2.50 per book.

Book 1. Sloppy the Sausage

The first book takes place in a fridge where our hero helps everybody despite his size.

Book 2. Sloppy the Sausage – His Adventure Continues

Book number two starts in a rubbish bin and then moves outdoors to a shed.

Book 3. Sloppy the Sausage – Meets the Eyearian Warriors

Book number three sees our little hero going into space where he gets some special powers.

Book 4. Sloppy the Sausage – More Adventures

Book four he even gets his own car + much, much more :)

The books are Full Colour, A4 Portrait, digitally printed. Each book contains the written story with an illustration on every page. There are also questions which correspond to the picture for the children to answer. These books contain characters such as Spike the Sprout, Chip the Mouse, Honey the Health Bar, Holy Moley the Mole, Gronon the Alien Robot Genius, Tonio the Hampster, Bun Bun the Rabbit and a few Eyearian Warriors who are superfast tiny Aliens who help everybody.

It’s 92 pages are all about colour, friendship and fun with a tiny hint of danger – enjoy!!!!!!


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