QR (short for Quick Response) codes are two-dimensional barcodes. When used well they offer a new and low-cost way to engage users with your leaflets or any other printed products. These codes can be scanned in devices such as smart phones and used to store advertising messages or simply your company name and address. Example of their use is to place a QR Code on the back of your business cards

This FREE QR Code Tool tool from beanprint.co.uk is offered to allow you to create your own QR Codes for use on your own advertising material.

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QR Codes for including on your printed products

How to use

Type in your advertising message and press Create.
Scan the image using a QR Reader to check the bar code
Right Click the image and save the image to your hard drive.


We recommend you use these codes for storing web site, email or telephone numbers. You can of course use them for storing of any information and indeed you can put in your full postal address. You can also get creative with the QR Codes and use them for special offers or promotions but bear in mind the more data you store the larger the QR Code needs to be and some smart phone readers may struggle if you put too much data in. We suggest limiting the amount of data to 120 characters or (V15 QR code) which most mobile devices should be able to read quickly without error.

Please confirm you are happy with the QR Code before commiting to print. Beanprint.co.uk cannot be held responseable for errors. DO NOT make the result QR code too small as some devices may have problems in reading them.