Personalised Gummed Packing Tape

you logo on packing tape
Box sealed with personalised packing tape
full colour printed packing tape on box
full colour printed packing tape
roll of packing tape in dispenser
roll of packing tape with orange dispenser
Personlised ECO friendly gummed paper packing tape
roll of eco friendly personalised packing tape
40 meter roll of personalised packing tape
Orange tape dispenser showing using personalised packing tape
two rolls of personalised eco friendly packing tape
you logo on packing tape
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FAQ for Personalised Gummed Packing Tape

Can I recycle the gummed packing tape

Yes, the gummed packing tape is fully recyclable.

Can the gummed packing tape be used in both cold and ambient temperatures

Yes, the gummed packing tape is suitable for use in both cold and ambient temperatures.

How do I activate the gummed adhesive

The gummed adhesive must be activated with a wet sponge or a gummed paper tape dispenser.

Is a tape dispenser included with the gummed packing tape

No, the tape dispenser is not included. You can easily purchase one from retailers such as Amazon.

Is the gummed packing tape tamper-evident

Yes, the gummed packing tape is tamper-evident, ensuring the security of your package.

What is the width of the gummed packing tape

Answer: The gummed packing tape is 50mm wide.

What should I keep in mind when designing my tape

Please keep in mind that the design will be repeated with a 1mm gap between each pattern. We cannot print to the edge of the tape, so there will be a gap or border.
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