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stick on clothes labels on wash care label
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Video for 30 Back to School Stick On Clothing Labels just £!FROM! for 30
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No iron required Back to-school stick-on clothing labels, Ideal for jackets, t-shirts even shoes. Can also be used on drink bottles, lunch boxes, backpacks and pencil cases. All stickers are waterproof and dishwasher safe. Perfect for putting on your child's school uniforms to identify which garment belongs to which child. Simply add your child's name to one of our many templates and we will do the rest.

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FAQ for Stick on Clothes Labels

How will clothes labels help stop my child losing their clothes

A simple look at the clothes label inside the item identifies who the garment belongs to and allows the teacher to bypass the lost property store and hand the item directly back to your child, saving you time and money in hunting down the garment or replacing it.

In what instances would these commonly be used

School Uniform
The most common, and arguably most important application for waterproof stick on clothing labels, is for school uniforms. School uniforms are designed to look identical, for obvious reasons, but this does make them harder to distinguish between. On hot days, your children will likely take off their jumper and tie while on the playground. This is where a lot of uniform gets mixed up and either accidentally taken by another student, or is taken to lost and found. Without recognisable personalised name stickers for clothes added to the soft care label inside, it would be very difficult to prove who the clothing belonged to.

PE kit
Like school uniforms, PE kits are another item of school clothing that requires some form of labelling. As a PE kit is used for physical activities, it will be washed more often. Stick on washable clothing labels and keep your child’s name on the label without fading, as a pen would. Name stickers for clothes are invaluable with regards to items of clothing that are easily misplaced. Gym attire left in the changing rooms usually goes into the “spare kit” box, but if it is labelled, you have more chance of getting it back.

Sports clubs
Similar to the PE kit, if your kids are involved in a football, rugby, tennis, or any other sport, then personalised stickers for clothes are essential. Replacing specialised apparel is just another expense you most likely want to mitigate. As your children get more involved in hobbies, the more expensive these hobbies can become. Make sure they can always identify their kit, with stick on clothing labels.

What are stick on clothing labels

School uniforms are becoming more and more expensive each and every year and replacing lost or misplaced uniforms can happen at any time. In many cases, it can be as simple as your child putting their school jumper down and not knowing which one is theirs. Stick on name labels for clothes are a quick, cheap, and effective way to easily identify your child's clothing. Spending some time before they return to school by applying stick on name tags for clothes to all their uniform could save you a small fortune. The labels are made from vinyl so they are washing machine friendly.

What surfaces can stick on labels be used on

Inside wash care label
The simplest and easiest way to add stick on name labels for clothes is to apply them to the wash care label. There is no need to iron or sew them into the fabric, as the adhesive binds with the label to make a semi permanent connection.

Additional uses for the sticky labels would include other personal items. You can add these labels to lunchboxes; water bottles; almost anything you want to label. All stationery that is usually very similar if not identical can also benefit, such as pencil cases and calculators.

Where is best suited to place the label

We highly recommend placing these labels on the wash care label inside the garment.
The wash care label is made of a material that works really well with our extra strong adhesive to prevent the label from coming off in your washing machine or dishwasher.

Why do my labels come off in the wash

We put on the cover of your labels detailed instructions to get the best results from your labels. We do advise washing at low-temperature settings and if on clothes make sure you stick our label onto the care label found in most garments.
If you're sticking these onto drink bottles please make sure the surface is clean and dry.

Avoid placing them directly onto the garment itself as the adhesive may not adder correctly to the surface.

We also recommend leaving at least 24 hours prior to washing to allow the adhesive time to dry and bind with the material.

Why should you buy Stick on name labels for clothes from Beanprint

The labels are a very cost effective way to limit replacing clothing items, and Beanprint has a wide range of design templates to suit every preference.
If there isn’t something your child would like, then you can simply upload a design they do like. Personalise every aspect of their time in school, to make it fun, but also save you money.

You get an A5 sheet with 30 labels, so everything you need labelling can be labelled.
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