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iron on clothes labels
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iron on clothes label designs
iron on clothes labels
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As a parent, keeping track of your child's clothes can be a daunting task, especially during the back-to-school season. With lost items piling up and replacing them can be expensive, it's important to have a simple and effective solution to label your kid's clothes.

That's where iron-on clothes labels come in. These personalized name labels are a fantastic way to ensure your child's clothes are clearly marked, making it easier for them to keep track of their belongings.

With a range of fun designs and the ability to customize your own, iron-on clothes labels are an easy and affordable way to make sure your child's clothes are easily identifiable and stay where they belong. 

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FAQ for Iron on Clothes Labels

Can iron on clothes labels be removed

Iron on clothes labels are designed to be permanent and difficult to remove, so they typically cannot be removed easily.

Do iron on clothes labels fade or peel over time

Iron-on clothes labels are designed to be durable and long-lasting, so they typically do not fade or peel over time any less than you would expect the colour of the garment to last.

How do you apply iron on clothes labels

To apply iron on clothes labels, place the label onto the desired area of the fabric and press with a hot iron for a specified amount of time. All Sheets come with ironing instructions.

How long do iron on clothes labels last

Typically these clothes labels are designed to last for the lifetime of the garment. However, a lot will depend on wash cycles and chemicals used whilst washing.
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