Add a personal touch to your Eid celebrations with our range of personalised stickers and labels.

Choose from unique designs, customisable with names, messages or photos for a truly special gift.

Our bespoke sticker packs make a one-of-a-kind gift that stands out, while our Eid greeting stickers add a festive touch to gifts and envelopes.

Label your Eid gifts with style using high-quality labels or design personalised gift tags.

Create custom labels for Eid party favours and make homemade treats look extra special with festive labels. Eid stickers for kids feature fun illustrations, while our eco-friendly options include biodegradable stickers and recyclable labels. Shop now for unforgettable Eid celebrations.

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Eid Gift Ideas: Unique and Creative Sticker and Label Presents

Personalised Stickers: Add a Personal Touch to Your Eid Gifts

  • Bespoke Sticker Packs: Customise a sticker pack with names, messages, or even photos, making your Eid presents stand out.
  • Eid Greeting Stickers: Create unique Eid greeting stickers to add a festive touch to your gifts or envelopes.

Label Your Eid Gifts with Style

  • Gift Tags: Design personalised gift tags with thoughtful messages or quotes, adding a special touch to your Eid presents.
  • Festive Labels: Customise festive labels with patterns or illustrations, perfect for labelling your homemade treats and sweets.

Stickers and Labels for Eid Party Favours

  • Favour Labels: Create custom labels for your Eid party favours, including personalised messages or illustrations.
  • Eid Stickers for Kids: Design a fun sticker set for children, including illustrations of crescent moons, lanterns, and stars.

Eco-Friendly Stickers and Labels for Eid Celebrations

  • Biodegradable Stickers: Choose eco-friendly, biodegradable stickers for your Eid decorations and gifts, reducing your environmental impact.
  • Recyclable Labels: Opt for recyclable labels to ensure your Eid celebrations are environmentally friendly.
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