A4 Calendars

Capture the essence of your most cherished moments with our A4-sized personalised calendars. At Beanprint, we take pride in utilising state-of-the-art technology to bring your memories to life through high-resolution prints that adorn each page, turning everyday calendar reference into a delightful experience.

Whether it’s a breathtaking landscape, a family portrait, or a cherished pet, your photos will not just mark a date but become a centrepiece in your home or office. Our bespoke calendars are printed with utmost precision, using premium quality materials that ensure durability and a vibrant display of your precious photographs.

But it's not just about the photos. Our A4 calendars are thoughtfully designed to offer functional layouts that include ample space for noting down important dates, events, or reminders, blending practicality with personalisation.

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Personalised A4 Calendars: The Perfect Christmas Present

Celebrate the festive season with a gift that encapsulates memories and warms hearts all year round. Introducing the Beanprint personalised A4 calendars — an artful amalgamation of cherished moments displayed in a generous 210 x 297 mm format, designed to grace the walls with a personal touch and visual delight.

Unwrap a Month of Memories

Each page of the calendar unfolds a new memory, making it a gift that keeps on giving. As Christmas approaches, consider gifting your friends and family a symphony of their cherished memories, beautifully captured and curated in a high-quality calendar that promises a fresh wave of nostalgia with the turn of every page.

A Craft of Quality and Detail

Our A4 calendars aren't just a medium to showcase pictures; they are crafted meticulously with an acute attention to detail. Each calendar features wire binding, giving it a modern and elegant look, while ensuring easy flipping of pages. Complemented with a sturdy backing board, it provides a firm support, ensuring your calendar hangs straight and maintains its integrity throughout the year.

We have also integrated a handy hanging hook, allowing for easy and secure mounting, so your calendar can seamlessly become a part of your living or working space, offering both functionality and a personalised touch to your daily life.

Personalisation at Its Finest

Beyond the visual appeal and top-notch quality, what sets our A4 calendars apart is the vast array of customisation options available. Craft it to mirror the personality of the recipient by choosing the perfect blend of colours, fonts, and graphics. Upload personal photos, and design a calendar that is as unique and special as the memories it holds. Each calendar is a canvas waiting to be transformed into a masterpiece through a journey of creative collaboration with our dedicated team.

The Ideal Christmas Present

This Christmas, surprise your loved ones with a gift that is both thoughtful and practical, bringing a smile to their faces as they experience a joyful walk down memory lane, month after month. Entrust Beanprint to help you craft a Christmas present that resonates with love, warmth, and personal touch, creating a timeless piece that is much more than just a calendar; it’s a chronicle of cherished moments, tailored perfectly for the recipient.

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