Blank Business Cards

Blank business cards (85mm x 55mm)

If you need blank business cards which to print your own business cards you're in the right place.

Business card paper is designed specifically for printing and stamping your own business cards. Can be used to create your own flashcards or used as jotting notes. 

All card comes from renewable sources and is cut here in the UK.


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Blank Business Cards: Your Canvas for Creativity


The Basics of Blank Business Cards

Standard Size and Specifications

Blank business cards typically measure 85mm x 55mm, which is the standard UK business card size. This format allows for ample space to include your name, contact information, logo, and a brief description of your services or products. It's important to remember that when designing and printing on blank business cards, you need to consider margins and bleed to ensure your design prints correctly.

Materials and Finishes

Business card paper is designed specifically for printing and stamping your own business cards. It is available in various weights, textures, and colours to suit your needs. Common choices include matte and kraft finishes. It's crucial to choose the right material and finish that reflects your brand and provides the desired impression to your audience.


The Many Uses of Blank Business Cards

Designing and Printing Your Own Business Cards

One of the main benefits of using blank business cards is the ability to design and print your own unique cards. This option provides a level of creativity and personalisation that may not be available with pre-printed cards. Additionally, you can quickly make changes to your design or contact information without having to order an entirely new set of cards.

DIY Flashcards

Blank business cards can also be used to create your own flashcards for studying or teaching purposes. The standard size is perfect for writing concise information or questions and answers, making them an excellent tool for learning and memorisation.

Personalised Note-taking Tools

Another creative use for blank business cards is as personalised note-taking tools. You can design and print cards with your preferred layout or create a simple design that can be used for jotting down important notes, reminders, or ideas.


Advantages of Blank Business Cards

Cost-effective and Flexible

Blank business cards offer a cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses alike. You can purchase them in bulk, reducing the overall cost per card. Plus, the flexibility to design and print your own cards allows for on-demand production, ensuring you always have an up-to-date and professional business card to share with potential clients or contacts.

Environmentally Friendly

All our blank business card materials come from renewable sources, making them an eco-friendly choice. By printing only what you need and reducing waste, you're contributing to a more sustainable business practice. Additionally, choosing recycled or eco-friendly materials for your cards can help further minimise your environmental impact.

Supporting Local Businesses

When you purchase blank business cards cut and sourced within the UK, you're also supporting local businesses and contributing to the local economy. This helps to promote economic growth and job opportunities within our community.

Tips for Printing and Designing Your Blank Business Cards

Choosing the Right Printer

To ensure the best quality and results when printing your blank business cards, it's essential to use a printer that can handle cardstock or heavy paper. Inkjet and laser printers are both suitable options, with laser printers generally providing sharper and more vibrant colours. Ensure your printer can accommodate the card size and has the appropriate settings for printing on heavy paper.

Designing for Impact

When designing your blank business cards, it's crucial to consider the visual impact and readability of your design. A simple, clean layout with clear fonts and colours will make your card easy to read and leave a lasting impression. If you're not confident in your design skills, consider using online design tools or templates to create a professional-looking business card.


Tips for Effective Printing

To achieve the best results when printing on blank business cards, consider the following tips:

  1. Test print: Always print a test copy of your design on regular paper to check for any errors or formatting issues before printing on your business card paper.
  2. Align your printer: Ensure your printer is correctly aligned for accurate printing and to avoid any misprints.
  3. Choose high-quality settings: To get the best print quality, select the highest-quality settings on your printer, and use the appropriate settings for the paper type you're using.
  4. Let the ink dry: After printing, allow the ink to dry completely before handling the cards to prevent smudging.


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