Vinyl Circle Stickers 19mm

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FAQ for Vinyl Circle Stickers 19mm

Can I apply these stickers to any surface

Yes, these stickers can be applied to a variety of clean dry surfaces, such as laptops, phones, cars, and other products.

Can I use these stickers on a bedroom wall

Yes, however, we advise avoiding silk-painted walls or newly painted walls. Allow at least 3 weeks from newly painted walls before applying vinyl stickers.

Can I use these stickers outdoors

Yes, these stickers are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use due to the durable vinyl material.

How can I design my own sticker

You can design your sticker using our online design tool or upload your own artwork.

How long do these stickers last

The stickers are made of high-quality vinyl that's resistant to fading and tearing, making them long-lasting. However, the exact lifespan can depend on the conditions they're exposed to. As a guide only we would expect a life span of at least 5 years.

How many colors can I use in my design

There is no limit on the number of colours, You can print your design in full colour or opt for a single-colour logo, depending on your preference.
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